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We are a gourmet chocolate company with the goal of showing off our version of quality chocolates to the homes of many. First off, welcome to our website, and if you're a new customer, welcome to the family! 

Our founder, Sidney Hill, stumbled upon a video called "from bean to bar", which showed the process of how cocoa beans are converted into chocolate. Once he found out that math and science were also used in the process, he was instantly hooked!

 After gaining inspiration from the video on chocolate creation he decided to invest his time into learning the fundamentals, and how he could turn this love into a career. Five months had passed since he first dove into learning about chocolate, and thus he decided to step into the lines of creating his own chocolate. Once he purchased his machine (Melanger) and started inventory, the creating process had begun.


While working on his products he discovered similarities between the recipes and his mother. From the countless stories told by his family members, he was able to see the different characteristics of his mother in each of the styles of chocolate. Milk chocolate for her being sweet, Dark chocolate for her being bitter (in a tough-love sort of way), and Semi-Sweet chocolate for when she was a mixture of both. Because of this, the name of the company evolved from the original name Twisted Chocolates to Renee's Twisted Chocolates (Renee being the name of his mother). 

As we progress, we plan to show that no matter the hardships we face, anything is possible, as long as you keep believing in yourself and your community!

About Us

Renee Hill

The mother to our founder Sidney Hill and his motivation. She passed away from breast cancer when Sidney was almost 6 years old. She was a caring, adventurous, and confident person who taught Sidney several of the principles that he used as the building blocks for this company: 


"Love, Peace, Unity, Forgiveness, and Family".


These same five words can be found on every wrapper produced by Renee's Twisted Chocolates.

Renee Portrait.jpg

Sidney Hill

"There's no point in life if you're not willing to go all the way!" -  Junko Takeuchi

Cooking has been a love of mine since I was a baby. What got me into it, though, is something I can never forget. Why? Because the first person I ever cooked for was my mother.  At the age of 3, I decided to assist my grandmother with a meal for my mother (She was bedridden from her battle with breast cancer at the time). While I didn't create the entire dish myself; I did help with seasoning, plating, and delivering it. The joy my mother displayed when I brought the dish to her was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt. In my mind all I could think was, "I was able to bring you happiness through all your pain with this dish, wow!" From then on, I was hooked.

Since that experience I have spent the last 20+ years cooking various types of dishes, and my love for gourmet cuisines has constantly increased. My goal with my products is to bring you joy through the hard times and extra happiness throughout your day.


After the closing of my clothing company, I realized that my true passion lay in the Culinary Arts. From this I stumbled upon the "from bean to bar" video and thought to myself, "If my goal is to open my own restaurants, what if I could create my own unique chocolates for the desserts?" From this idea, the journey began. It has been an amazing journey so far, and with the love from our community we plan on many more years to come!

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