Frequently asked questions

Who Is Renee?

Renee Is the name of Sidney's (Founder/Owner) Mother. When Sidney was about to turn 6 years of age he lost his mother to breast cancer. More info can be found about Renee on the "About Us" Page.

What makes your chocolate different?

We provide "A taste of the world" with our chocolate bars that are made with ingredients from many unique countries. Renee's Twisted Chocolates is a high-quality, and flavor driven company. For a more in depth description of each bar of chocolate, please visit the specific product's page.

What got Sidney started with chocolates?

He started his Chocolate adventures after he closed his clothing company, and came across a Bean-To-Bar video on Youtube. Once he found out that science & math were the primary focus; it pushed his interest even further! After 5+ months, he then purchase the necessary equipment, and began testing out his abilities.

Why higher prices?

Sidney (Founder) has been involved in the culinary world for 20+ years. Through his adventures he grew into the direction of a gourmet of fine cuisine. He then shifted his style of cooking into that area. With this company the wish is to proceed with the same intention. The focus is on providing high quality products. To do this it requires time, attention to detail, improved quality of ingredients, and much more!