Relax with a bean that is from the region Semuliki Forest in Uganda. After taking a bite the first flavors that hit you are a light, bitter, cinnamon taste. The cinnamon is then followed by a certain sweetness. Its ending is something to behold. The bar concludes with a nice light berry finish that will leave you wanting more.


75% Dark Chocolate


  - Non-GMO

  - Vegan


  • Allergy Information : None


75% Uganda

Excluding Sales Tax
  • We use Quality Ingredients to produce our products such as;

     - Organic cane Sugar

     - Organic Cocoa Butter

     - Fairtrade / Organic Cocoa beans

  • We currently do not take returns but will Exchange due to such issues; You recieved the wrong product or melted product (Within 30 mins after purchase/delivery/Pick-up).